Payment & Shipment

Shipping Information

We encourage you to come and pick up your new puppy, if possible. Please call us at least 24 hours in advance to make an appointment. We will have all the documents ready for you to sign and take with you (Contract, Health Guarantee, Health Records… and some food for your puppy.) Or your puppy will be shipped or flown to you.

Delivery Fees:

We fly our puppies in cabin with a pet nanny for $200. We can also ship your puppy ground for $100 to most locations.

Health Guarantee

Our puppies come with a one year health guarantee that covers all congenital defects. They also come with a certificate of health from a veterinarian.

This puppy is in good health, to the best of my knowledge. For the protection of English  Bulldogs and the buyer, the buyer is required to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 2weeks of pick up. If a licensed veterinarian does not see the puppy the health guarantees within our contract are null and void.

NOTE: NONE of my puppies nor adults have ever exhibited any of these skin problems. I have read and understand the above guarantee and information regarding this puppy guarantee and agree to this document in full. To validate your guarantee, this page must be signed and returned to us no later than 10 days after the puppy arrives. We must also receive a copy of your puppy's vet visit that was made within the 2weeks after the puppy's arrival.

Payment Information

A deposit of $500.00 will hold your puppy, with the balance due before shipping, or in cash if you pick up your puppy.


English Bulldog Puppies for sale in the United States: here are just a few of the Many States we ship to: We ship to Kansas, Texas, Missouri, California, Minnesota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Washington, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, Nevada, Michigan, we fly to all of the United States.
Air $200.00
Ground $100.00