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  • HEY!!!!
    Sorry it took me so long. we had a tough time naming this little rascal!!! you are right, she is onry and she fits in well with our wild bunch!!! we had a tough time agreeing as a family as to what to name her. we finally agreed on Hazel because she's a hazel''nut'' and she's a little onry/witch as in ''witch''hazel (ya, I know it's a plant=but the name witch fits her aggressiveness!!!)....so there ya go!!! So Hazel it is...
    Randy took her to the vet yesterday and she weighed 11.9 pounds. she loves Dozer and the brittanys, Sadie and Gauge. the , Chief, isn't as tolerant to her. he's going on 10 years old and is just getting to be a grumpy old man. lol we are just so thrilled to have her. we love her so much!!! she's so adorable!!! Thanks again, .
    thanks so much for her!!!
    hope you had a great mother's day!!!
    take care, and we'll be in touch!!!

    - Sincerely, Maria... Albany, NY

  • Hi!!!!
    I hope you are both doing well. I just wanted to send over some pictures of Winston. He has been with us for one year today! Our lives have not been the same since he arrived. We all love him so much and he is our 3rd son. He is the most beautiful bulldog and is so loving. He is the most popular dog in the neighborhood...he can't go out without everybody coming over to pet him. He is also the star at PetsMart....he has everybody who works there wrapped around his paw! We wanted you both to know that he is doing very well and is in excellent health.Thank you for running such a respectful bulldog operation...you can tell that you put so much time and love into your dogs.

    - Many Thanks!!! Melissa & Brian, Sparta, WI

  • Hey...
    Hope all is well. I've been busy in my role as a new mother...and I am loving it! Capone is doing great! He is full of energy and is a very active little puppy. He is learning fast and conquered going up and down 3 flights of stairs last week, and he was so excited! We are working on training him :-), we are a little laid back and let him get away with a lot, but he is coming around on house and crate training. I wanted to send some pictures of him that we took this week. Capone went to a Halloween party and he was the cutest bee in the hive. We are just so happy with Capone and I am so glad that he is part of our family. We will be sending new pictures as he grows. He is now about
    24 pounds.
    Talk to you later,

    Jamie Cincinnati, OH   

  • Hello...
    Hope all is well with you and your family. Wanted to send an updated photo of Mr. Capone as he celebrates his 3rd Birthday. I am still very please with my bully and can't wait to find his perfect mate on your site. Take care and God Bless!"

    Dan Smith

  • Hi...
    I have attached a few pictures of "Gus". Today he weighed in at 16lbs. Needless to say he is officially the most spoiled puppy in Norfolk. Gus has gone into work a few times with me and everyone just loves him. Today a neat thing happen with Gus. A couple of the girls at the college took Gus upstairs to see some other people. There were two > teenage sisters that are taking a nursing class. Both girls have had some tough medical issues the past weeks and really needed something to cheer them up. Well Gus to the rescue. I was told he ran over to them and was so happy to see them. Their faces really lite up. Gus might have a future as a therapy dog.

    Gus has been doing great. The potty training is going well and his appetite is growing with his weight. Everything checks out ok with him. We are absolutely thrilled we have Gus as a part of our family. He really makes us laugh.

    - Melissa, Peter, Sam and Luke

  • Hello...
    He is the most laid-back dog I've ever seen. Everyone, especially the vet, says Murphy is the most beautiful dog they've ever seen. The vet just loves him, having seen him twice now (he just got his last set of shots and a microchip on Friday). Apparently he'll be well-suited to the Memphis heat and humidity, since the vet says he has a slightly longer nose/face than other bulldogs he's raised. You all did an amazing job with him! Kerry and I love having him here!!!! This was the best surprise I've ever gotten...thank you for helping Kerry with getting him here!

    Dolly Katge

  • Hi...
    Romano has arrrived, to live with Emily and Molly. They have this to say, People always compliment on his markings and say he is the cutest dog they have ever seen, they cant believe he is real! He playes with a couple of dogs the other day and he shows no fear! I took him to a bluff down the street and he loved a white lab and wasn't scared despite his size...he is a tough little one! We want to thank you again for everything, he is an amazing dog and we love him so much!

    - Rosa fuller

  • Hey...
    “This is Kayla we bought our puppy “Auggie” from you guyz a few months ago, we came all the way from Nantucket Ma. I just wanted to send a few udated pictures and to let you know that Auggie is a very well taken care of and very well behaved puppy. We just love him so much and are all up to date with his shots and visits to the vet. 3 of the pictures I took today and 1 i took a month and a week ago hes growing up fast and is really the sweetest most layed back dog.
    Thank you so much.”

    Kayla Hilts

  • Hey...
    “I had to be really selective with the photos! I don’t know if you remember which puppy he was. We bought him from you early Feb. He is doing really great. We worked really hard with the crate thing, but he eventually persuaded us to leave him out after many many escapes! He still sleeps in it though with the door open. He is about 90% with the house breaking. He uses a pad occasionally when he can’t hold while we’re at work. Things are great now and he is having a blast with the neighborhood dogs. We might contact you in the future for a little brother or sister:)”

    -Ashey and Brent Kelly

  • “My husband and I purchased an English bulldog from you in February and I just thought I would send you a picture of her. She is a very active dog…very funny and mischievous! We have 5 other dogs (3 min pins and 2 italian greyhounds) which she completely loves…and loves to taunt.

    - Brandon and Kim

  • I just wanted to check in and say thank you for a wonderful dog. It is our first time owning an English bulldog and we love the breed. We had heard that they could have one or two types of personalities – either a couch potato or a very active devil. Well, we got the second type and we couldn’t be happier. She makes us laugh every day.”

    Lynn Tempesta

  • “This is Kayla we bought our puppy “Auggie” from you guys a few months ago, we came all the way from Nantucket Ma. I just wanted to send a few updated pictures and to let you know that Auggie is a very well taken care of and very well behaved puppy. We just love him so much and are all up to date with his shots and visits to the vet. 3 of the pictures I took today and 1 i took a month and a week ago hes growing up fast and is really the sweetest most layed back dog.
    Thank you so much.”

    -Kayla Hilts

  • I wanted to send you a message and let you know our baby Kate is doing fantastic! She is so smart and sweet, my kids absolutely love her. I also wanted to tell you thank you for taking the time with me during the entire 7 week process of purchasing Kate. You kept me so informed while being very responsive to all of my questions I had every single time. I wanted to make sure I picked the best female puppy for our family and because of your honest feedback and communication; I knew right away you were the English Bulldog Breeder for me. Every week you would send me updated videos and pictures to watch our baby Kate grow upon the very hour we received her. You were very organized and did everything in your power to make sure she got shipped to me at the date and time you promised. Kate is a big part of life and family!

    Thank you for making this all happens for us! I would certainly recommend your honest services to anyone. When the time is right, I will purchase another beautiful-healthy puppy from you again.

    Best Regards,

  • Hey...
    We are all adjusting well here in Sonoma County and believe Cosmo is enjoying to cooler climate! He would have been very limited if we were still living in the desert! Cosmo is now a year and doing great! We completed the registration process. If you know of anyone who is looking for a good stud for their female, let us know! I just took a cute pic if him yesterday! He is a great dog and GREAT wtih the kids!
    Take care!


  • It has now been a few weeks since we brought home our Chunk and we are in LOVE. Chunk is healthy, happy, and just an all around awesome boy! All thanks to you and your hands on breeding! Since the second we brought him home he has kept us laughing, loving, and feeling pretty lucky that we got a great dog from a great breeder. We really appreciate you taking the time while he was in your care to keep us involved in the process, made for a smooth transition from your home to ours. Chunk is one big good looking boy! Taking him to a simple vet visit results in a handful of “He is sogood looking” comments. His temperament, his health,personality….everything; we are extremely grateful! I will most definitely refer you to anyone interested in a Bullie. We will keep you posted on our.Chunk and you will be hearing from us soon because we can’t get enough and want one more!!!

    Thank you again for being what every dog breeder should be
    Jonathan, Sarah and of course